Commander's Corner

June 3, 2017

To All Post 411 members,

This will be my last Commander’s Corner article. I did not seek a 5th term as your commander because I feel the post needs a new direction and blood. I hope you will look favorably upon me and my four years as your commander during this past reorganization phase of the post. I feel we have accomplished a lot in these past four years and we have completed this phase of the journey and should now head towards a maintenance and public awareness phase. There are still many people and organizations that are not aware we exist today so there is still a lot of work to be done. This is evident in functions that benefit other veteran organizations, similar in operation to ours but not American Legion Post 411 and in talking to the area veterans and public in general.

I feel the incoming commander has the insight needed to command the post and making the post better is in his heart. My concern is the lack of participation of members in the post where candidates for officer positions are concerned. I am very familiar with the volunteer process of organizations and the lack of participation since I have been involved in these types of organizations since the early 80's. I just have never understood this lack of participation in the community where people live. I understand people must work and have lives BUT, veterans deserve better than how they are getting treated by the government. We know their welfare SHOULD be the government’s but you see how that is going, SO their care falls back on their brothers and sisters. The American Legion is the largest veteran's organization in the world, it is responsible for the current VA care system and the veteran's bill of rights. It took many people working together for many years to make this happen and stay in existence. Please reach out to and support the incoming officers in their vital endeavor.

Thank you for letting me serve you for the past four years.


Steven Merrel,
Conroe American Legion Post 411